dienstec is a German software development company that aims to deliver mobile apps and web solutions for small to medium sized projects.

Our backstage is equipped with a strong and passionate development team led by highly experienced and industry-close IT professionals who we will plan, design, and implement your business goals.

Our Approach:

With every project, we start on a solid ground by thoroughly and accurately defining our customer requirements. Moreover, the development phase is always controlled by internal daily or semi-daily team meetings along with an ongoing correspondence with our customers.

All over the development lifestyle, we ensure that both management and operations will adhere to the international software quality standards.

Our areas of service:

  • Cross-platform and native mobile applications
  • All around Web Development
  • JavaScript-based all-device solutions for lower cost and optimal maintenance
  • Digital Design

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Your advantage at dienstec:

  • Easy-to-deploy solutions
  • Highly maintainable products
  • Clean code and structure
  • Continuous support